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IoT devices

connecting to the internet every second.
- McKinsey


Senior executives

in Technology, Media, and Telecom Companies says IoT growth is critical to their business.
- McKinsey

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, and “Automation” and the “Internet of Things (IoT)” are some of the biggest buzzwords to emerge. As technology becomes more deeply integrated with our daily lives, it’s only natural that machines begin to take over the most menial of tasks – allowing humans to focus on key decision making. IR 4.0 is all about utilizing technology to allow companies to do more with less headcount.

IoT will play a key role in businesses & operations as we enter this new industrial age, allowing complete automation of monitoring/tracking processes, while also empowering factories & manufacturing to utilize a level of remote-management never before possible.

IoT can be used in many ways, including,
but not limited to

Financial Tracking

Coin operated machines, Token dispensers, Parking Autopay Machines

Home & Office Automation

Lights, temperature, occupancy, security, etc.

Industrial Automation

Covid-19 Screening & Testing

Indoor GPS

AR-enabled guides to Shopping Malls through BLE Beacons

Facial Recognition Systems

Replacing punch-clocks, “Smart” stores like Amazon/Alibaba

Prediction in big Data using AI/ML

Logistics & Fleet Management

Remote Weather & Climate Monitoring & Studies

Remote Stock Level-Monitoring

Water level sensors, Soap/tissue dispenser level detectors, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Customized Soft Sensor Development

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