• Client

    dobiQueen & My Conceptual Robotics Sdn Bhd
  • Year

  • Current Applications

    Coin Operated Machines, Water Quality Sensor for Algal Bloom Predictions & Thermal Scanners
  • Possibilities


Introducing: Nest – The home for your data

Nest is the home for all information captured & ‘chirped’ back by your flock of Sparrows.

Nest takes all the information, processes it, and displays it all in easy-to-understand visuals like tables, charts, and graphs – making it easier than ever for you to discover actionable insights to make your business more efficient.

Nest is a cloud-based system that allows you to access your data & manage your flock of Sparrows seamlessly from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Nest can be seamlessly integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling detailed analysis to create predictive models & further optimizations to operations.

Nest was designed from the ground-up to serve as the integration hub, allowing for features such as:

  • Painless large-scale deployment of new features (OTA Updates)
  • Rapid mobilization of data (Sauna32 contact tracing)
  • Remote monitoring of distant facilities
  • Fleet Management (logistics)


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