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Digital Forest is an Internet-of-Things startup who believes in harnessing the power of technology to
simplify, streamline, & automate operations
for SMEs, Blue Chips, MNCs, and Government Institutions alike.

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Projects and Clients

dobiQueen (Coin Operated Machines)

We provided dobiQueen an IoT-based transaction tracking and e-payment solution to help manage their ever growing Self Service Laundry business.

As dobiQueen’s business grew, tracking sales across their many outlets became a hassle, as the system they had in play was extremely manual: Area Managers would have to visit all the stores in their area on a periodic basis, manually compare records from their previous visit, and physically submit reports back to HQ. Our solution streamlined the process & automated reporting from the coin-operated machines through IoT integration, allowing dobiQueen to remotely monitor their outlets and transaction volume through linking their machines with DF Sparrow boards, which fed the data back to the DF Nest backend.

Aside from e-payments & monitoring transactional volume, dobiQueen could easily check on the status of their outlets through customized dashboards which immediately alerted them if any problems arose that required attention from the area manager. This allowed each area manager to cover more ground & oversee more stores – increasing employee efficiency & reducing labour costs for the company in the long run.

Additionally, our solution for dobiQueen didn’t require them to change their existing coin-operated machines. We simply attached our hardware to the same machines that they’ve been using, and business resumed as usual. Alongside this IoT-based solution, we also integrated a membership/loyalty app as part of the overall solution.

Sauna32 (Covid-19 Screening and Contact Tracing)

“Sauna32” is an IoT-based, large-scale COVID-19 screening & contact tracing solution developed by Digital Forest for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, in collaboration with the University of Malaya & MyCRO.

As the world adapts to the “New Normal” in the wake of COVID-19, Digital Forest designed Sauna 32 to drastically reduce time spent when compared to traditional methods of contact tracing, as well as remove the worries & hassles of traditional contact-tracing methods.

All a user has to do when approaching a Sauna32-enabled kiosk is stand in front of it & flash their COV-ID, and the system does the rest – from capturing and storing key data to allowing the relevant authorities to alert them should they have come into contact with a COVID-19 positive patient within the past 14 days.

No physical records required. No hassle to digitize physical records either. One system, seamlessly integrated to provide ease-of-use & huge quality-of-life improvements to both users & the authorities.

Mangrove (Water Quality)

Mangrove, based on Digital Forest’s technologies, is an IoT system designed to predict algal bloom in lakes through monitoring water quality parameters – specifically: pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Electrical Conductivity & Turbidity.

All deployed sensors are connected to Sparrow modules, which read & collect sensor data before transmitting it to the backend.

The backend, powered by Nest, analyzes the data with the help of AI in order to predict algal bloom. The backend was also designed to enable Over-The-Air (OTA) calibration of sensors.

Meet the Team

Shaan Yeat Ratul

CEO & Co-Founder

Adeline Ooi

CFO & Co-Founder